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Children's Classes

 After School Art Sessions for:
 Children 1st- 5th grade  
                    Karen Crenshaw:  Instructor

After School for Elementary age:
               Next session is 6 weeks instead of 5  
                      Beginning April 18th for
                       6 consecutive Tuesdays.
                              Fee: 102.00 

After School Classes
Tuesdays 4-5pm
Price: $102.00

Summer Camps for ages 5-10 
ages 11-15
Fee:  37.00 for two days a week

July 18th and 20th:  Painting for ages 5-10  10am-12Noon 
July 19th and 21st: Drawing for ages 11-15  10am-12 Noon

July 25th and 27th:  Paper Craft for ages 5-10  2-4pm
July 26th and 28th: Sculpture for ages 11-15  2-4pm

Painting for 5-10
July 18 and 20
Price: $37.00
Drawing for ages 11-15
July 19th and 21st
Price: $37.00
Paper Craft for 5-10
July 25th and 27th
Price: $37.00
Sculpture for 11-15
July 26th and 28th
Price: $37.00



Teacher:  Karen Crenshaw MFA
Karen has taught art classes to all ages, including adults. 
She is also a member of ArtExposure and has space in Studio #1.

Drawing and Painting for Home Schooled Children
Ages 7 to 12 years
New session to be announced
Fee: 98.00 for 6 consecutive Tuesdays.
Drawing skills as well as introduction to painting with acrylics and other water-based paints will be covered. Materials are provided.
Teacher: Joanne Guilfoil, PHD
Joanne has taught art classes to all ages, including adults
Joanne is a member of ArtExposure.