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Anne Trombetta, Oil Painter

Anne is a local artist living in Leland NC since 2012. A former art teacher in New York, she studied art in college, but says that everything she knows about painting she has learned in the last eight years, taking classes and workshops both on-line and in person from New York to Florida.

Anne carries her camera and sketch book everywhere. She enjoys looking at something ordinary and creating a thing of beauty! Her style often varies - sometimes painting in a loose bright style she calls impressionism, and other times in a flat, matte style in which she simplifies the subject into shapes.

Anne often works on several paintings of the same subject, trying different approaches each time. She says that she especially likes to start with a black canvas, letting the black peek out here and there in her work.

 Anne also enjoys teaching adult classes for people with little or no experience painting, and is proud to say that, through art, she's opened a new world for many people.

Anne has exhibited in many local establishments, including at Leland Cultural Arts Center, Caprice Bistro, Loveys, Art Factory, ACES, Sunset River Marketplace, Landfall, the Cameron Art Museum, Cape Fear Artist, Fine Art Gallery at Mayfair, Bellamy Mansion and Franklin Square Gallery.